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I have searched and cannot find a model of the type the N&W used myself. I was thinking about buying some of the gate type kits and kitbashing the N&W style by casting my own footer with a section of code 100 rail in it and mounting the unit on the rail. I haven't yet attempted this though. Also, I would have to invert the arm on the unit and add the counterweight that was on the bottom of the arms. That weight allowed the arm to stand strait up when the signal was not operating.

Ben Blevins

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Can anyone tell me where I can find the , I guess, wig wag type crossing signals? I can find plenty of gate type, but not this type the N&W used. I have found a couple of pictures on the Virginia Tech library site. Iam new to the hobby although I have had trains for years and can remember N&W steam from when I was young. I am attempting to model the Henry County , VA area (Martinsville, Bassett,etc.). Any help would be appreciated.

Royal Stanley
Stoneville, NC

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