Steam-era caboose lettering

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Hi Bob,

I purchased several CF caboose kits from American Model Builders (they are
laser-cut wood kits) and got the decals from Microscale Industries, Inc. My
local hobby dealer ordered them for me. I can¹t remember how I heard about
these decals, but they were recommended by someone ³in the know.² It says
on the package 1940¹s through 1982. I am not an expert on fonts but there
are two styles of ³NORFOLK AND WESTERN² plus matching numbers.

Hope that helps.

Bob Folsom
N&W Clemson, SC Division

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> Anyone have a lead on the proper decal set for CF, CG etc cabooses from the

> late steam era (1954 to be exact). I need about half a dozen or more sets. I

> am sure Champ makes the proper ones, and am sure someone else does too but I

> sure have no idea where to start looking.


> Thanks in advance


> Bob Welsh



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