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Well that was the problem with the Y3, which runs great. And I tell you, and
if Aubrey Wiley is here he can as well... my trains will run flawlessly..
til there is company there. While running trains at his home for visitors,
his NWSL E2 would derail at the SAME place every trip. And when he visited
my home layout (if you can call it that) a couple or three months ago, one
of my locomotives did the exact same thing. Now, I think maybe in the months
since then I have had one or two derailments at most, and they were caused
by the traffic control staff (iow, ME) left a turnout thrown in the wrong

I run three, soon to be four, Proto Y3's, a pair, soon to be three and maybe
ultimately 5 Rivarossi Y's (three Y6bs and two that were kitbashed, one to a
Y6, the other to a Y4), a K1, a K2, an E2 made from a Mantua 4-6-2 that is
not exact but when set next to my NWSL E2a looks damn close enough for me
(the NWSL locomotive is waiting for me to get up the nerve to hack it up to
put a DCC decoder in it), and one, soon to be three J's (one SPectrum, one
Bowser-motored Bachmann and the third will ultimately be a remotored
Bachmann as well). And most of the time I operate alone so there is HUGE
potential for serious mishap....

Bob Welsh
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> RE the rear gear tower clip on the Proto Y3 popping off, disabling the


> engine. I have not had this happen on a Proto Y3; but one of my BLI As

> loves to do that trick, usually when we are running our modules at a train

> show! Dan Mulhearn


> Dan and Nina Mulhearn; Pipestem WV

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