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Jon - the ten ACL R1 tenders were only used behind the Y-4 2-8-8-2s -
2080-2089. They were never used behind any of the Y-6 classes. Put a
boiler inspection hatch and a slant-front cab on a Y-3 and you'd have a
passable Y-4.

Virginian's ex-N&W 2-8-8-2s were USE class 736-742, originally N&W Y-3s.
They had the biggest tenders of any VGN 2-8-8-2s. But they were the 23-ton
16k jobs. Sorry. No 18s.

Ed King

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> Did VGN have any 2-8-8-2's with 18k tenders and dog houses? Also I would

> like to build a Y6?? with an ACL R1 tender is there any documentation such

> a drawings available with dimensions?


> Thanks

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