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Cool. I have a Spectrum K unit that was made into a K2a by using a standard Bachmann J shell that runs really really well. I can only imagine them making one proper and how well it will run. All the SPectrum units I have run extremely well, including two I am going to sell because they don't fit the N&W. I have a Spectrum J, a couple 2-10-0's, a K2, and the K2a. All run really well. I have to say though that of all the locomotives I own the best running ones are the Proto 2000 Y3, and a 40 year old Mantua Pacific that I made into an E2a. Sitting next to my NWSL E2a (which runs well but is not converted to DCC yet) it looks to be about the same size and captures the look real well. However, I will DCC-ize the brass piece and renumber the Mantua unit to something else.
Anyway, just my two cents' worth. Lately for value for the price, it seems the Bachmann Spectrum and Proto 2000 models are good buys.

Bob Welsh

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Talking to a Bachman repair person about the pacifics, and he stated the they are going to focus on the mountain series.. When ask which mountain, he stated that he thought there was a N&W streamlined mountain in the works. Only time will tell.

Stephen Rineair

There was mention in the past few weeks here on the list about Bachmann doing an N&W streamline K class locomotive.

I seem to have misplaced (read deleted!) this post by mistake. I can't find any mention of it on the Bachmann web site.

Could someone kindly repost the link? TIA

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD


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