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Glad to be able to provide some information.

The copy of the Consist Book that I have was obtained, if memory serves
correctly, well prior to the Society having any type of archives. My copy
appears to be a "copy of a copy" and wouldn't be a good candidate for
publication. That being said, there is no reason why someone couldn't
retype it if the Society were interested in pursuing it. I don't believe
the Commissary has ever sold anything like this; nor do I have any idea if
the powers that be would be interested in this type of thing.

I have never had the time to look through the tons of paper at the archives
for this or any other consist book. My guess is that there were other years
issued periodically, as traffic patterns changed and adjustments to consists
were made. It would be wonderful to determine what consist books did exist,
and hopefully, bundle them all together in one publication.

Good luck with your presentation.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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> June 22, 2006


> Hello, Jim and Ed:


> Thanks for your replies about passenger train consists

> that included mail cars. Although this question may

> be better answerd on the historical society side, I'll

> ask it here since you kindly included the info, Jim.

> Has the Commissary ever sold copies of the 1954

> consist book, or is it only available for copying from

> the Archives. Are there other years available?


> If anyone has done research on N&W passenger train

> make-ups prior to the 1950s, either for modeling or

> other purposes, I'd like to hear further about that

> information.


> Best wishes,


> Frank Scheer

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