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What a gorgeous model!

Anxious to see your A.

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To Frank Hung and King,

following up your explanations regarding the Worthington SA feedwater system, I'd like to ask a question to the experts:
As longtime fan of the N&W I am just constructing a Class A in 1:10 scale (lifesteam).
A friend of mine already built a wounderful Y6b, intending to use the same equipment (pumps, turbogenerator, stoker). Please see pdf-photo.

That 6SA feedwater pump is working already, but with a steam distributing principle (Peters) different from Worthington's. I couldn't find any precise discription of their valve gear to understand the principle (locomotive cyclopedia, internet). By the way, the Chinese class QJ was using the Worthington SA system, too.
For it was obviously both simple and reliable I wonder if anybody could explain to me in detail?
Thanks a lot!

Wulf-Dieter Heinrich

Email: WDHprivat at aol.com


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