PCM Y6b's

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Marty -

In comparing the power of the Y-6b to that of the A, why should it be
necessary to factor in traction tires?

Shouldn't the Y-6b have traction tires, too?

It should have whatever it takes to make its power proportional to that of
the A - i. e. 50% greater at starting.

Ed King

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> With regards to comparing the BLI A power to the PCM Y6b, does the fact

> that the A has a traction tire and the Y6b does not factor in? And the

> tender is not heavy because of the big speaker; my non-sound ones are

> heavy as well. It is because the tender is also diecast metal, and

> relatively thick metal at that, at least when compared with the thickness

> of plastic tender shells.


> Marty Flick



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