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Bill McClure:
Though your points are well taken- 1) Our society cannot afford to criticize a manufacture is simply due to the fact that once a manufacture does not get positive endorsement from the NWHS that they may very well never do a N&W project again to avoid confrontation. As a society we do not want to make enemies or have a manufacture avoid N&W projects. The catch 22 is if we don't but buy, they may never do another N&W project. What to do?????
2) It is not Global Crossing! Their company name is Global Outlet. The JAWN HENRY may not very well be done do to cost. The list was $3,200 thru a dealer, that now has been changed to $2,300 sold direct from Global - NO DISCOUNT!!!!!. Dealers will not promote Global's products if there is nothing for them to gain.
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As a followup to the comments made about the PCM Y6b insofar as they relate to the role of your Society in these efforts.

First, for the reasons already stated in several posts, and for others not yet posted, the Society does not "endorse" specific models produced or to be produced by anyone other than ourselves. To so do would be to court endless debate and no doubt trouble. There are just too many questions as to which even our resident experts might disagree, and that's just with respect to prototype accuracy, not to the inner workings of DCC, sound, etc. Moreover, the manufacturer has its own ideas about the level of prototype accuracy it needs or wants.

Second, when we are asked, or when we know that a model is being considered, we offer to provide as much information as we have available to us in our Archives and in personal collections of which we are aware. I believe the most recent instance of this was the Global Crossing brass model of the VGN EL2b, which by any measure is outstanding, if costly. (By the way, they intend to do the Jawn Henry next; see their web site.) Before that we worked with LifeLike and others on several models.

Then there are models we only hear about as the public is the PCM Y6b. I suppose PCM assumed that there was so much information already available about the loco that they didn't need help.

Having said all that, at the end of the day the manufacturer balances all the things that go into producing something that will sell and can be produced at a cost to make a profit. Sometimes they meet the most exacting standards, often they don't. Broadway had all the information necessary to produce a flawless H2/H2a hopper and still didn't get it entirely correct.

Finally, in my personal opinion, the only meaningful way to get accurate models of the things we want to see is through feedback from BUYERS: ask for specific models; give feedback on how to make them accurate or better; tell them when they whiffed; and don't buy them when they don't make the effort.

Speaking of feedback, who wants to do a review of the model for the Arrow?

Bill McClure
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