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As one who's made the haul halfway across the country for 3 of the last 4
conventions, with wife, kids and mother-in-law in tow, I'll say that, Lord
willing, I plan to be there, probably solo since my son's in an academic
camp most of the summer. Cost should be about the same as a PCM Y6b.
That said, this is a volunteer group that does a great job of organizing
get-togethers, although I can't say I've attended every session. Having
planned such a gathering last year for a professional ass'n., I can say it's
a lot of work for no pay.
Each year, some of us can't make it. Heck, each year, memories fade a bit
further and physical examples of the old N&W fade a little further away, so
we've got to gather string and preserve it whilst there's time.
My $.02.
Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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> Stephen Rineair has given a number of reasons why he will not attend this

> Summer's Convention. We wish him well and hope to see him next year.


> On the other hand, putting aside the many attractions of the Strasburg

> area (which exceed anything "on-line" that I am aware of) and the

> exceptional railroad scene, it still is our only opportunity to get

> together and share our common railroad interests.


> Stephen, I do think you do Russ Goodwin a disservice to pooh-pooh his

> clinic as a rehash of an Arrow article two months before he actually

> presents it. Putting together a clinic to present to one's peers is a lot

> of work. He deserves our support for the effort alone.


> Bill McClure


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