PCM Y6b's

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Sat May 20 00:05:40 EDT 2006

What about the articulation? Ia it the same a the BLI's?

Kurt S. Kramke

nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org wrote:

> So I got mine yesterday, and put it on the programming track today.


> Comments: Valve gear is not acceptable. If Proto can put acceptable

> valve gear on the Y-3s, why can't these folks put it on the Y-6b? And

> Broadway on the N&W A, for that matter?

> Sound is barely acceptable; the exhaust sound is

> confusing to say the least. Other sounds are OK; a nice touch is the

> splash of water from the injector overflow after the injector shuts off.

> Programming is OK.

> Power - not acceptable. My Broadway 1218 will

> shove the Y-6b right off the test track without slipping a driver (I

> haven't tested it against my Y-3s). The Y-6b will not budge the A if

> the A is not under power.

> Tender is heavy all right, but I guess that's

> because of the big speaker.


> Ed King


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