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Sat May 20 13:36:36 EDT 2006

[Steve Rineair said:]

> I have decided that I will not be going to the N&WHS Convention. I

> have cancelled my reservations due to the fact that... <snip>


I'm sorry that we will not see you in Strasburg, regardless of the
individual details that you have cited. Despite those issues, I, my wife
Liz, and my daughter Maggie -will- be attending. This is Maggie's first
convention since she was 9 months old. (She was bald as as an egg, and
thereby fit right in with many of our compatriots).

For me, this year's convention is quite a treat. We get to see a LIVING
example of N&S steam, instead of having another bus tour through
historically important but now weed-grown yards, or spots where concrete
foundations show where things "used too be". You, too, are VGN fan, you
know that we have lived with that condition longer than our N&W
brethren. I know that our family members will find lots to do, even
without a "programmed" tour or event. They are resourceful, and for
years I have seen them band together to find their own adventures. This
year, moreso than many, they have plenty of nearby choices.

And most importantly, I will see the many happy faces of long-time
friends and fellow enthusiasts, as well as new friends I have yet to meet.

- Marty Swartz

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