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Here's a list of some of the books I know about. As
far as availability and publisher, suggest you check
used and new book sites such as abebooks, alibris,
amazon and borders. Out of print pbooks are sometimes
available on the international market for more
reasonable prices than they are here in the US. In
the order in which you requested:

Ed King

The A, Norfolk & Western's Mercedes of Steam, 1990

Norfolk & Western in the Appalachians, 1998

USRA 2-8-8-2 Series, Classic power No.3a (with Tom
Dressler) 1985

Bud Jeffries

N&W, Giant of Steam, 1980

N&W, Giant of Steam, Revised Edition, 2005
(available from NWHS Commissary)

Bert Pennypacker

Pennsy Electric Years, Vol.2, 2002

Pennsy M1, Classic Power No.8, 1990

Reading Power Pictorial, 1973

O. Winston Link

Steam, Steel & Stars, 1987 (available)

The Last Steam Railroad in America (with Thomas H.
Garver), 1995 (available)

Ghost Trains, 983

Don Ball

Pennsylvania Railroad, 1940s-1950s, 1986

America's Colorful Railroads, 1978

America's Railroads, The Second Generation, 1980

Portrait of the Rails, 1972

Railroads, 1985

Railroads, An American Journey, 1975, published 1985

Robert A LeMassena

Articulated Steam Locomotives, Vol.1, 1979

Articulated Steam Locomotives, Vol.2, 1991

Thomas W. Dixon

Chesapeake & Ohio, Superpower to Diesels, 1984

Chesapeake & Ohio Greenbrier Type 4-8-4 Locomotives
(with Douglas B. Nuckles), 1994

The Allegheny, Lima's Finest (with Gene Huddleston)

C&O Class T-1 2-10-4 Steam Locomotive (with Gene
Huddleston), 2003

Al Staufer

C&O Power (with Shuster and Huddleston), 1965

New York Central Steam Power, Vol.1, 1915-1955, 1961

Pennsy K4, Classic Power No.6 (with Bert Pennypacker),

Pennsy Power, 1900-1957, 1962

Pennsy Power II (with Bert Pennypacker), 1968

Pennsy Power III, 1847-1968 (with Edson & Harley),

B&O Power, 1829-1964 (with Larry Sagle), 1964

Paul Carleton

Memories of Norfolk & Western Power, 1994

Pennsy A to T, 1965??

Pennsy Steam A to T, 1989

Pennsy Steam - A Second Look, 1991

Under Pennsy Wires, 1977

As noted some are available form NWHS Commissary (see
website NWHS.org) or the O. Winston Link Museum gift
shop. Hope this helps.

Dave Stephenson

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