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Richard Shell can and probably will answer this one, but numberboard
numbers from the 1970s are a specialized style number, they are
numbers, generally stamped out of plastic, and glued to a white lexan
background board.

I have to assume that you are talking about the 1728 after it was low
nosed, the numbers on the low nose end numberboards are the standard
style numbers. To the best of my knowledge, they are not a conventional
font, but a design used almost exclusively for this purpose. I do not
know if the numbers are a stock item that the railroad ordered from a
supplier, I'd suspect so. I know they were assembled in Roanoke, and
sometimes the boards were kind of sloppy, I have at least one that has
one number or the other considerably lower than a straight line.

I may be speaking out of turn here, but as I recall, the numberboard
numbers were what started Richard into Shellscale Decals, he could not
find the correct numbers for modeling, so he did the research, had the
sets made, and began to sell them himself. He has correct number sets
for both white numbers on black, and black numbers on white.

Ken Miller
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> Black. The 1728 low short hood SD45. What I'm trying

> to duplicate is the number boards.

> J.T.McCutcheon


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>>> Can someone in this group tell me which fonts are

>>> used

>>> by N&W on the diesels, i.e. SD-45 1728?

>>> TIA

>>> J. McCutcheon

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