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The PRR baggage car B60b is very close to the N&W car Bej). I would
not say they are 100% the same, but they look like they were built
from the same plan. The roof vents and doors are different and
Walthers has taken care of that. I think N&W cars may have had
different wheel bearings, but that's a small difference.

You asked about the roof. All these cars were built with the balloon
roof, arch roof, or turtle roof. Call it what you want. PRR had
hundreds of these cars, N&W had 10, plus some baggage-RPO to the same
design. The 15ft. RPO apartment was later removed, and those cars
then had one wide and one narrow door on each side. N&W baggage cars
with clerestory roofs far outnumbered the model. PRR's earlier
class B60 had a clerestory roof.

If you want to model the 50's and 60's, the N&W model does not have
the correct doors. You would need to make plain "steel" doors with
one small square window in each. Personally, I wouldn't mess with
that unless I bought an undec model. I wouldn't want to take the
painted model apart and try to match paint on new doors. The undec
car come with all the parts to do either PRR or N&W, but no steel N&W doors.

The PRR cars ran all over the nation, and you would see them in N&W
trains and Southern run-throughs as often as the N&W cars. Until
c.1959, trains 1 & 2 always carried a PRR B60 or B60b which ran
between Harrisburg, PA and Roanoke.

Rick Morrison

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