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Well the model looks really close as it is...

And.. Bahama eh? My brother and my parents live between Roxboro and Oxford near Berea... so I am pretty familiar with where Bahama is...

Will keep all informed and if I attempt this, I will take pictures!

Bob Welsh
Hillsville, VA
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In the Durham District K1 class locomotives Nos. 107, 112, and 113 were used on passenger trains #35 and #36 between Lynchburg and Durham, NC. The were not shrouded. This ended in August of 1954 with Nos. 107 and 112 when passenger service was discontinued. I do not know if they stayed in the Durham District or were moved elsewhere. These locomotives were not retired until 1958, although I am not sure about this date.

In the VT Data base there are several pictures of 107 and 113, but the pictures of 107 were when it was temporarily converted into an oil burning locomotive in the late 1946. I believe there are also pictures in the N&WHS Archives.

I have been interested in the doing the same thing to recreate No. 107 on train No. 35. I'll be interested in hearing from you about your progress if you decide to do this.

Chuck Stewart
Bahama, NC

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Were any of the N&W K's in service in 1953 or so that were NOT streamlined? I am thinking of getting one of the Spectrum 4-8-2 units and kit-bashing it to match N&W but need to know if it would be anywhere near historically accurate....

Bob Welsh


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