Pennsy RR Bagagge Car

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Tue Apr 4 21:10:44 EDT 2006


A product review in the most recent issue of Model Railroader
magazine (May 2006) on the Walther's Pennsy RR baggage car caught my
attention in that it is also being offered in N&W livery.

I have a couple of questions for any and all:

How closely does this represent the baggage express car operated by
the N&W (the designation, I think, is BJe)?

I have seen a couple of pictures of this car in the book "Color Guide
to N&W" and both have the celestory roof. The Walther's site shows
only the "contoured" roof that was fitted later to help the car blend
in with the newer "streamlined" passenger trains. (I hope I'm getting
my terminology right-if not, I'm sure I'll be corrected ;) Did the
N&W have any that had the "newer" roof?

Any general observations about the model?

Thanks for any and all responses.

Dave Moorehead
Milford, OH

P.S. I think it's great when folks are willing to take the time and
effort to help keep the proper railroad terms in use-especailly for
those of us that haven't been really exposed to "real
railroads". Keep up the good work.

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