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"This last point regarding commercial business is perhaps the most difficult
to articulate and police. The intention is that the lists be available to
inform us of new products (once), but they should not be used, DIRECTLY OR
INDIRECTLY, to advertise or to sell. Is conducting market research on our lists a
"commercial" use? Is using a commercial web site address "commercial"? Who
knows. But since those things put our Moderator in the position of having to
explain to one firm why it was OK for another firm to do something, we simply
prefer that they and similar activities not be done. There are many other
ways for commercial firms to conduct market research, announce product
availability, market their wares, etc."

Does this mean we can't tell each other about upcoming N&W products? Can we
not provide links so that others may see what we are talking about?

As in the case of the O scale K2a that seems to need more reservations
before it will be made, what are we to do to get the word out?

I would like a better explanation as the one above seems to be
counterproductive to N&W modelers interests.
Jimmy Lisle
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