Virginian H-8a Hoppers

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This is my first post on here to reply to Mr. Tom Black. You can find almost anything as far as pictures of engines, depots, etc. by going to Virginia Tech website. To me, the easiest way is: go to Google, enter virginia tech; scroll down to "University Libraries, VT", under "find" type "imagebase", next page, click "find" at top; next page, scroll to "I" ,click imagebase; next page, click "Browse; Scroll to "Railroad; Scroll to "Norfolk and Western Historical Pictures" ; find what you want on next page. Engines, hoppers, depots, cabooses, etc. Hope this helps.

Royal Stanley
Stoneville, NC

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Hey gang-

Does anyone have any photos (preferably electronic format) of Virginian H-8a hoppers they could send me?

How late were they used by Virginian/N&W?

Were any rebuilt with steel sides?


Tom Black
Beavercreek, Ohio
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