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I did a search of the Walthers web site regarding these locomotives. For those who would like to follow along in the hymnal, you should go to and click on catalog search.

Once there, select as your category Locomotives/Traction and HO as the scale. Enter 920 in the manufacturer field and 2-8-8-2 in the keywords field. Select "sow all items regardless of availability" and "include discontinued out of stock products." You might want to select more than the default 30 hits per page. Your choice.

Here is what I found, given by item number the N&W road number:

23331 2016 w/16k tender
23332 2050 w/16k tender
23333 2019 w/16k tender
23334 2011 w/16k tender

Please note that the web site does not specify the above with the 16k tender; however, I have the 2011 and 2019 and these were the very first run and came with the 16k tender.

23337 2024 w/18k tender
23338 2005 w/18k tender

31225 2009 w/12k tender
31226 2020 w/12k tender
31227 2028 w/12k tender

Walthers is taking advance reservations for:

32003 2012 w/DCC and sound
32004 2037 w/DCC and sound
32005 2040 w/DCC and sound

There is no indication which tenders these locomotives come with.

Jim Brewer
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