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I received s stealth N&W Class-J 600 from Broadway LTD last week. A couple of interesting facts; first the locomotive was built in China, not Korea as with the first group from Broadway LTD (I have 612 & 613 of the initial runs), secondly, the paint is a bit more glossy and the N&W red is a bit brighter than on 612 & 613. I also have brass factory painted Overland, Sunset, and Key J's as well as a Gem that I painted myself using Scalecoat PRR #14 red. The newly released 600 compares well to the Overland model with the red being between the Overland and my Gem (a little more red than the Overland). The model runs very and smoothly. It operates well at slower speeds. After getting it I wish the Korean 612 & 613 had the same paint qualities. And...........I love the spoked pilot and trailing trucks. As a kid growing up in Giles County, VA in the 50's and 60's I so vividly remember the spoked pilot and trailing trucks on the Z's and earlier Y's as they switched out coal and hopper cars at the Glen Lyn Power Plant where my Dad worked.

Ed Painter Narrows, VA - (currently Russellville, AR)
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