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A new opportunity for historic railroad interest is now available. A new
model railroad modular group known as the “Virginian Railway Section Gang”
has formed is to provide individuals a method to fulfill the construction and
operation of a sectional (modular) model railroad depicting the Virginian
Railway as it operated in Virginia and West Virginia prior to the December 1,
1959 merger with the Norfolk & Western Railway. The modeling of specific
locations along the Virginian is encouraged and this makes this modular group
special and unique! General model railroad operation shall represent the
Virginian railroad and those railroads serving and connecting with the Virginian.
Members are encouraged to select specific areas along the Virginian to
model. For example, the tunnel at Hardy, Va. Could be a detailed model module.
Other specific locations to be modeled could be places where the Virginian
interchanged with other railroads, or a specific coal operation as examples. The
possibilities are endless and this concept is one which makes this modular
group unique!.

If you are interested in receiving the groups construction standards, please
contact Aubrey Wiley at _VgnRy43 at aol.com_ (mailto:VgnRy43 at

Aubrey Wiley
Lynchburg, Va.
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