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And honestly would we want to go back to the pricing of the 1970's? After all, to do that we would have to go back to the WAGES of the 1970's.
I don't mind paying $15-20 per car for a good accurate model. And as you said, if you check swap meets or know someone selling off their collection you can get a really good price on some things. I have a few Rivarossi Y's - I know, not the most perfect models in the world but regeared and wired for DCC they look good with 20-25 hoppers behind them on my layout. I work for myself so live on a budget so I sometimes compromise absolute accuracy in some areas for economics. But I do plan to get at least one BLI product for my layout and surely wish someone would make an accurate and affordable model of the Z1a/b....

Bob Welsh

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I have purchased at least 6 sets (I am losing count in my old age) and have gotten some as cheap as $79 and have not paid more than $120. In reality, $20 per car is not that bad. Consider that we are often spending $200-300 for locomotives, why do that and have nothing for them to pull?

We will never be able to go back to the 1970's prices for things. The days of paying $4.50 for a kit are gone (except for the junk bins at swap meets). Life and hobbies are expensive. Consider the price of a round of golf, the cost of taking someone to the movies, etc. This is the price we must expect to pay for something done well. If it is not done well, then it is not worth the price, so don't buy it.

Personnally, I have not and will not purchase the BLI or LifeLike articulateds because they did not make them articulate correctly. Instead, I have picked up a nice little fleet of the Powerhouse pseudo-brass models for similar prices. They articulate properly and run just fine on my layout. That is my choice. Now I will get off of my soapbox.

Brent Greer

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How does everyone feel about the price of the car BLI H2ahoppers cars?

Sephen Rineair
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