Top coating new decals

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Sun Feb 12 18:43:08 EST 2006

I start with Scalecoat I or II paint, and then other suppliers if the
correct color isn't available. I then use Micro Sol to fully adhere decals
to at least a semi-gloss surface. Micro Sol seems to "melt" decal film into
the paint surface. Then, I initially overcoat the piece with Testor's Dull
coat, from a spray can, in two to three THIN layers. The final coat is Polly
S's clear satin finish, followed by weathering. Once, weathering is
complete, with a #1 needle on the airbrush, I coat the weathering with Polly
S's clear flat to seal the weathering is protected. Yes, this seems like a
lot of time, but I want the final finish to last through the rigors of
operating sessions.

Hope this helps,

Russ Goodwin

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