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Sun Feb 12 17:27:29 EST 2006


I appreciate all of the input for what you'd like to see from the society. I
intentionally left scale out of the initial inquiry, as I already know what
the statistics are for each scale, both from the hobby's perspective as well
as the society's. O and N scalers, I promise you will not be neglected.

It appears that the VGN Battleship gon is the most sought after item, in all
scales. I will contact F&C to discuss their upcoming release in HO scale. I
will also contact two other manufacturers as to O and N scale releases.

There are a couple of other cars that received quite a bit of interest,
H10's, HU/HUa's, H34's and C30 cabs.

In regards to the signs, I still think that what I have discussed with a
couple of manufacturer's is a viable option for the society.

In regards to NS' TopGons, and other modern coal cars, I am personally
working on that project with a model manufacturer, and will discuss with the
BOD, the society's participation in the near future.

Russ Goodwin
NWHS Modeling Chair

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