Rivarossi Y6b question

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Hi Bob;

Reading your note, I think that you have things pretty well scoped out.
Both the motor and headlight get power from the frame. You must sever those

Get out your multimeter, and make sure the motor and the light bulb are
isolated, then hook up the decoder.

You may want to add a resistor in series with the light bulb so that it does
not get excessively hot and melt the shell.

Which version(s) of the Riv Y6b do you have; motor in cab or motor in the

Nigel F Misso
nfmisso at mchsi.com

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>I need a little help here. I have three of these. I am planning on putting

>DCC decoders in them. I have one of them open on my workbench now. I need

>help in determining:


> A) which wires are for what - from my eyes it LOOKS like the motor gets

> half its power from a pickup on the engineer side wired to a contact on

> the motor and the other side of the power through the locomotive frame to

> the case of the motor. I have figured out how to isolate that to get to

> the DCC decoded I think.


> B) how does the headlight get its power? I can see one wire that leads

> from the motor case to the front. Therefore I am assuming the other half

> the bulb's power is also coming from the frame? I am scared to tear the

> thing apart much more without knowing what I am doing. I had a lot less

> trouble putting a decoder in an early 60's Mantua Pacific in the course of

> making N&W #578.


> Any help would be appreciated.. feel free to post it here or email me

> directly at bob at firedogwireless.com. If putting my email address in this

> post is taboo, Mr Moderator, please edit it out and send the post on... I

> really want to run something other than a J, the E2 or an inappropriate

> 2-10-0 on my newly-updated to DCC layout....


> Bob Welsh


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