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I use Champ decals for about 80% of my work, MicroScale and occasional
Walthers for most of the rest. I use Champ DecalSet exclusively. It's not as
strong as Walthers SolvaSet*, so if you have a light touch it will work on
MicroScale IF you get the thin decal in the right place first. (If you're
nervous, just cut it 1:1 with water.) In fact, always place the decal in its final
position using just water (add a couple of drops of a wetting agent to the
water, the ones made for liquid ballast glue work well) before you use the
setting solvent.

Regardless of the decal, getting the air out from under the decal film is
crucial to a good looking job. Use a small brush to flow the setting solution
all around the edges of the decal. After the first application let it dry,
then look for bubbles or areas where the decal didn't settle in. I use the
tip of a new Xacto #11 knife blade gently to puncture the film (in a clear area
if possible) then flow more setting solution over that area until you see
the bubble disappear.

After the decal is dry and you can't see any bubbles, lightly clean off the
decal with clear water and gently blot it dry, then let it air dry for several
hours before putting any overcoat on it.

As in most things, "haste makes waste" and "less is better." Be patient and
you'll be pleased with the results.

*Full strength SolvaSet and a Q-tip work well for removing lettering such as
when you want to change the number.

Dave Phelps

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What about Champ decals?

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I use Solvaset from Walthers until the decals have completely settled
into all the nooks and crannies.


Never ever use Solvaset with Microscale Decals!!! It will melt them on

Only use the Microscale setting solutions on Microscale decals.
Jimmy Lisle

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