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Sat Jan 28 09:51:01 EST 2006

Since I model a "sort-of" freelance N&W/VGN/PRR railroad, I do try to keep very close to the prototype look etc. as far as locos and rolling stock are concerned, at least for the most part. The premise is that if most of it looks authentic, the rest, which is 'freelanced' even a little bit, will also look right. I like to model "what-if's" as it breaks away from a strict regimen and I can play around a bit. Having said that, I also have a couple of British trains (described as an engine and coaches); one is the Flying Scotsman which actually did run on the US railroads, but I don't know if it ever did on the N&W roads. Can anyone enlighten me on that one??

Tony Burgess
Tulsa, OK
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