N&W and SRR PA's and E's

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I know that the N&W J's pulled the Tennessean. I have a photo of a J pulling SRR's F3/7
when they broke down. Did the SRR's E6's make it to the N&W?

Alot of GREAT info on the PA's gentlemen, I sure enjoyed it! ! ! !

Stephen Rineair
Subject: Re: PA-1's

--- nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org wrote:
> The Wabash PAs were long gone before the 1964
> merger.

Actually, according to the Bowers/Withers book a few
Wabash PAs made it to the merger. They were officially
retired in early 1965. None are known to have been

Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

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