Request for VGN (and N&W) Help from the Modeling Committee

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Wed Jan 25 23:37:11 EST 2006

I'd like a string of the battleship gons, provided the trucks are right (old
Athearn metal Buckeyes, anybody? I only have two pair . . .)

Ed King
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Subject: Request for VGN (and N&W) Help from the Modeling Committee

> Guys (and Ladies);


> I have been in contact with a model manufacturer who is interested in a

> couple of projects for the Society. First being the VGN Battleship Gons,

> as well as VGN/N&W H14/H34 Hoppers, VGN/N&W H15/H35 Hoppers and N&W/VGN

> C30/C30A Caboose (or is that cabeese?)


> These would be high quality resin kits with a complete set of detail parts

> and decals. Please let me know what interest there be in these kits.


> Drawings and lettering diagrams will be used from the Archieves.


> Regards,

> Russ Goodwin

> NWHS Modeling Chair



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