Request for VGN (and N&W) Help from the Modeling Committee

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Wed Jan 25 22:26:37 EST 2006

Guys (and Ladies);

I have been in contact with a model manufacturer who is interested in a
couple of projects for the Society. First being the VGN Battleship Gons, as
well as VGN/N&W H14/H34 Hoppers, VGN/N&W H15/H35 Hoppers and N&W/VGN
C30/C30A Caboose (or is that cabeese?)

These would be high quality resin kits with a complete set of detail parts
and decals. Please let me know what interest there be in these kits.

Drawings and lettering diagrams will be used from the Archieves.

Russ Goodwin
NWHS Modeling Chair

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