Virginian BA 2-8-4

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I have the Proto2000 VGN #508 from their first release and from the pictures
I have she is right on the money. The most noticeable is the cistern section
of the tender is the correct height, almost to the top of the coal bunker. I
have her moderately disassembled in my roundhouse to simulate she is
undergoing a full restoration. I would like to see Walthers modify the
tender and other minor changes to make a VGN AG 2-6-6-6.

Jon Kelley

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I have two 2-8-4s. The first is a Bachman Spectrum in VIRGINIAN colors,
and purportedly tender design. The tender is the large round top edge
design with a rounded water tank section top edge as well. I also have
a Rivarossi 2-8-4 which was modeled for the Nickel Plate. This has a
smaller tender (came with a pair of tenders), with square water tank top
edge, otherwise very similar. Nevertheless, I ended up repainting and
renumbering the Rivarossi to 509 to use in club HO module shows pulling
empties. However, since I am new to this area of modeling others may
find the Bachman locomotive to be off the mark as well as the Rivarossi.

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