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AFAIK, no Alco PA-1 ever ran on N&W. Southern PA-3s (purists called them
late model PA-2s) ran at Bristol on the N&W from the state line in the
middle of State Street to the station stop at the east end of the passenger
station and then to the N&W roundhouse a mile farther on, but that was as
far as they got.

The Wabash PAs were long gone before the 1964 merger.

Southern Alco DL109s ran through from Monroe to Bristol during a coal strike
in the late 1940s.

Now, with that said, I'll say again what I've said many times: It's your
basement, your railroad and paid for with your money. If you want to paint
an Alco PA-1 in N&W livery (similar to the Wabash E8s, I suppose) go right
ahead. If somebody objects, they don't have to look at it.

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> Hello, Certainly hope I'm reaching someone...... An avid fan of the Y6b

> here, waiting for it's construction in 1:29 Scale baby!!! Okay, I'm

> wondering if it ever happened, and if there are any known web photo's or

> otherwise of a ALCO PA-1 that may have run on the N&W at some time or

> another. I am considering the possibility of custom decorating USA train G

> scale units (as opposed to purchased in B&O scheme). But I'd like to see

> what it looks like, or exsists,(or-ted). Anyway, prototype photo

> opportunity for PA-1 in N&W wear, Anyone please? Sincerely, Charles Ward



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