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Many thanks. The good news is that I model N&W, Vgn., C&O, and a freelance
RR of my own "imagineering" which just happens to operate 23T, 16,000 gal.
round top tenders with fishbelly sideframes!


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Dave: Yes, and Yes. Jim Nichols

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These are "belt and suspenders" questions to make sure I've reached a
correct conclusion.

Was the class 18A tender the only one with the fishbelly side sills?

Is the NWSL HO model, marked on the box as a "16,000 gallon" tender,
inaccurate, in that while it's got the superstructure and overall length of a class
16, it has the 18A fishbelly side sills, making it a model with no prototype?

My conclusions are based on Jim Nichols' "Arrow" series in 1999-2000, the
Wallace and Wiley book, and staring at dozens of photos and drawings in other
publications. But, verification by others would be most appreciated.

Dave Phelps



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