Broadway Limited J Second Run

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On a different note I'd like to see BLI make the J war babies.

Jon Kelley


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Also though the J's 600-604 had the round top tender, if BLI does do them
with the counter weight on the crosshead, then those version would be wrong.
Only good for 605-610.

Stephen Rineair

600-610 had a round top cistern deck when built and were never changed.
611-613 had a flat top cistern deck, but otherwise looked the same as the
tenders on 600-610. They did, however, have a different design commonwealth
tender truck than used on 600-610. Jim Nichols

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I just saw a preproduction model of the new J that Broadway is putting out.
One of the features is a round top tender. If you look on the site they
don't show pictures of it but they have it in the description of the new
ones. I don't believe #611 is like this. Did these tenders ever have the
round top like that and if so at what point did they get rid of them? I am
interested because I have one on preorder from before I found this new
information and I was pretty much hoping for one that looks like 611 now but
with the single headlight. It sounds as if I may have to go with the one
with the dual headlight in order to have the right one. Any suggestions or
opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Keep Steaming,
Greg Udolph
Heber City, UT
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