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With the intention of NOT starting a DCC war I strongly suggest viewing
the follow DCC comparison chart.
While it doesn't state number 1 or 2 the facts are presented for each of
the major systems. Also of note is the 10 year warranty of Lenz
products. From personal experience with muliple systems you will not
find better support or a better product than you will find from Lenz.

Bill Tucker

nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org wrote:

> Nigel:

> Also keep in mind that the NMRA based majority of the standards of

> DCC. Also that The Atlas and Botchmann decoders are limited and have

> had many problems. With LenZ less that 10% of the sale, it certainly

> not the best system of choice!


> Stephen Rineair


> Keep in mind that Lenz invented DCC as it is no implemented, and

> that they produce the Atlas and Bachmann systems.


> Nigel F Misso


> Popularity of DCC Systems by sales that was published in MR?

> #1 - Digitrax [Largest of DCC owners]

> #2 - NCE [not a close second, but one of 2 top major players]

> #3 - Lens [sales I beleive were only 8%, with the owner up

> there in years and some buyers wondering if support will be

> there if anything happens to him. One man company with all the

> knowledge.]



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