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I strongly would not go with the marketing with 4 different signs per package!
I believe that modelers would not be to happy.
The N&W/railroads had signs posted at each end of a road, bridge, yard, etc.
You would need a minimum of 2 signs per each situation. Placing only one each sign per package
would not allow a modeler to even correctly do one road, bridge, etc. The modeler would also be stuck
with unused signs if he did not have a bridge, or road, and ..... A better marketing would be to place one
or two different signs per package. This would allow one to at least use 50% of the package even if he would have only one situation. If you went with only one product such as the concrete post, then you would need several and one could also use them in 60's and up and you would not be dating the product to just steam era. Just an idea. How about the COAL sign!
Stephen Rineair
Subject: Future O scale N&W signs


I'd like to produce some N&W trackside signs in O scale (HO might be produced by another mfr I'm working with). They would be injection molded in black or natural (translucent) polypropylene (where appropriate) with ALPS decals for the target text. Targets would need to be painted white by the modeller or I might include a blank white decal for the back. Of the signs listed below, please indicate your favorite 4 and how many you'd buy. I'm planning to put 4 of the selected signs in a package with decals.

1. whistle post (large W)
2. do not walk nor trespass on the bridge
3. concrete triangular mile post
4. water
5. speed limit
6. yard limit

Dimensions will be taken from the N&W standards drawings published by the N&WHS in June '92.

Thanks for your input.

Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.


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