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Fellow Model Builders, Red Ball/ Model Railroad Warehouse is coming out with a kit for the M3 RPO and the MS3 Mail Storage Car.The MS3 was converted from the BMh Baggage and Mail Car, so this kit could be the basis for that car also.The Kits are the Red Ball LTD Series. They are photo etched brass side kits. You can find more information at mrrwarehouse.com click on the LTD Reserve tab. For these kits to be produced 36 more kits (total of either) need to be reserved, the price will be $69.95. If 2-3 dozen more can be reserved the the price will go down to $59.95. If the reservations come in sooner then the kits can be scheduled for production in late summer. If not the kits won't be produced till later. So if anybody wants these N&W Prototype kits made then they need to put in their reservations and please tell any friends you think might be interested in these cars. Lets show Red Ball that we are interested and then we can get more types of cars made for us later.
Happy Modeling,John Rhodes

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