Pocahontas blue cars

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How would you get the color right?? From what I understand, Pevlar Blue started weathering the day it rolled out of the paintshop.

Andy Jennings
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Thanks so very much for the clarification Ken. I was also wondering if any of the society modelers would be interested if OMI did the Powhattan cars in the blue Pocahontas. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I can't speak for others, but to do Powhatan Arrow cars in blue just like they did them in red would be a stretch. To be authentic you would have to eliminate the observation cars because they were removed from the train before the end of steam, and sold by the railroad before the time blue was adopted. The coaches with crew quarters (501,502) were rebuilt to high seating capacity coaches by 1958 and assigned to trains 1 & 2. So that would leave two classes of coaches and the diner to do in blue. If 501 & 502 were to be modelled as rebuilt, add a third class of coach. Yes, you could model the post-1969 Pocahontas, but you would need a 10-6 Pullman sleeper and a Budd dome to make it authentic.

Rick Morrison


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