Pocahontas blue cars

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Thanks so very much for the clarification Ken. I was also wondering if any of the society modelers would be interested if OMI did the Powhattan cars in the blue Pocahontas. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Stephen Rineair
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Perhaps I should clarify myself. The 540 survived as the only car NEVER
repainted to blue that remained in company ownership. The railroad
quietly went back to tuscan red in July after Amtrak for its own
business fleet, of which 501 and 533 were a part of. The first car
noted as repainted was the 500 ''Claytor Lake'' in August of 1971.

Additional documentation from the time show the 501 in the consist of a
4501 excursion on August 19-20, 1972, running from Portsmouth to
Roanoke as painted blue. The next report showed the 501 in an N&W
inspection train leaving Roanoke on December 3, 1972 but now in red.
These are notes from long time consist watcher Dorr Tucker and
published in Turntable Times in 1971 and 1972.

In addition, I believe that Jim's name is spelled Nichols.

Ken Miller
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