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The reason your shippment is late is because - Korean Air is on strike in Korea and that pushes the burden of airfreight on the remaining carriers, big shippers typically get the preference on moving freight as you mite expect

regards N&W style
Stephen Rineair
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I know everyone has been awaiting either receipt of, or news about Bud Jeffries' revised "N&W: Giant of Steam". We have been awaiting receipt of the shipment from Hong Kong since December 10. The latest ETA was this past Monday, but now we are told not until this coming Thursday...but I don't know what level of confidence to have in that. Tomorrow was our 'drop dead' date to get it to those who have ordered by Christmas.

We deeply regret that we will not be able to make that date. For those who ordered both a book and other merchandise, the 'others' will be shipped immediately. We will ship the book as soon as we get it!

Since early this year we have been working against an early deadline to get the material to the printer to meet a Christmas schedule. We did so. We have no idea why the shipment has taken this long and no way to speed it up. All we can say at this point is that we are sorry for the delay and will do everything we can to get it to those who have ordered ASAP.

With best wishes for the Christmas Season,

Bill McClure


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