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The color on the Fine Arts Model in particularly was correct for the # 900 on the VGN
AG. The white lettering was done for the photo shoot at Lima, so it did exist. My # 905
has the correct yellow lettering for a in service model.
Also the GR J had an extra panel in the coal bunker instead of the bar as per the drawing. The marker lights were to be corrected in that they were to be completely chrome, but the builder only did the eyelets around the marker lights.
Tim of Garden Railway also gave me enough 1 to 1 scale Gauge One drawings of the N&W J to give
everyone a copy at an early convention. I also helped Tim on the J project which I was able
to take to Tom Dressler's which we both got to go over the model.
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Yes, indeed the Class J was done in the large scale a few years back.

I was very nice. Correct shade of RED on the band. Lettering and DULUXE gold striping were perfect coloring,

However, the cab floor was flat which was not protototype. The real J had a built up floor sectinon under each seat and they missed this on the model.,

When looking at the model from the back side it looks very odd and just didn't look "right".

Too bad as it was a very nice model other then this fault.

Shape of bullet nose, boiler-top cowling, running board skirts, rods and the like were nice.

BTW, the color of tender-side lettering and cab-side numbers etc. on the VGN AG was incorrect

Tom "N&W" Dressler


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