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If by "G" scale you mean anything that runs on Ga 1 [45mm gauge] track, the
answer is yes.

In 1990 or 1991, Tim Illyinsky [sp?] who owned Garden Railway Specialties in
Cincinnati, OH commissioned Samhongsa to produce a brass electric [as opposed
to live steam] model in 1:32 scale [3/8" per ft]. When first produced the
price was $ 5,000.00. I do not know the size of the production run; I would
guess 25 to 50 units maximum. I have only seen three models including the
first one at the National Garden Railway Convention in Cincinnati in 1991.
I. at last report was in Connecticut somewhere selling high end collectible
stuff. He is [or was] a member of TCA so you might find him that way.

I have never seen one run so I cannot comment on the quality of the
As far as I know, no one produced cars to go with the locomotive. It is
possible that Ralph Brown made some. Now you could get David Leech in Canada
to make you a complete train. He has done the Daylight, Lark, and PRR
Fleet of
Modernism, possibly others.

Be warned that a set of repainted USA Trains 1:29 smooth side passenger cars
would dwarf the locomotive. We learned that by putting a set of the USAT
daylight cars behind an Aster 1:32 scale SP GS-4 in daylight paint.

To put the $ 5,000 price tag in perspective, a 1:24 scale D&RGW K-27 from
Precision Scale cost $ 3,450 in 1989. An Aster Daylight produced in 1986 [I
think] was close to $ 5,000 by 1991. The new NKP Berkshire in 1:32 [live
steam] from Aster is $ 6,900 for the KIT, $ 8,000+ factory built. These are
not the same class of model as the pending Aristo Craft plastic Mikado live
steamer that is being advertised at $ 1,500. On the other hand I have a LS
Accucraft SP S-12 0-6-0 coming that is $ 2,000 factory built. Wonder if it
could be cosmetically bashed into a N&W switcher.

Jim Stapleton
Purcellville VA

>Has there been a model of a class J made in G scale?



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