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Re: new product news: new HO Y6bI agree with longtime steam lobbyist Eric for the most part, except I humbly doubt most buyers would know the difference between a Y6, Y6a and Y6b. To the uninitiated, they're both big steamers that are impressive to look at and operate. Most wouldn't know the difference between BL and SA feedwater heaters, or that both engines on an prototype articulated didn't actually articulate.
My $.02
Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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Gee another Y6b? .....................uh, the only Y6b that I have seen that is affordable is the crappy Rivarossi Y6b. Depsite a few upgrades, this engine is still lacking. I am very happy to see this engine made. My guess is that the reason this engine is being made is not only its appeal to N&W modelers, but also its appeal to modelers who don't specifically model the N&W. This is very important to make sure they sell enough to make models. Furthermore, polls on both magazines and internet that I have seen have consistently put this engine near the top. Also, consider that the Y6b is so popular that it is able to support an O gauge 3 rail scale version by both MTH and Lionel. (3rd Rail is considering a similarly priced brass version) However, if this engine does sell well, you can probably expect to see more N&W steam. So rather than bash this engine, we should hope it sells well so that more N&W steam will be made.
I model both the Pennsy and N&W (actually the Milwaukee Road too, but that is another story) Notice how much Pennsy stuff is being made. The reason is simple, Pennsy fans buy Pennsy stuff which means more Pennsy stuff is made.
Rather than look at this as a glass half empty, lets look at as a glass half full. Encourage PCM to make an accurate model and hope it sells well. Then maybe in the future we will see more N&W steam.
Also, as a side note, Sunset models made a pretty affordable HO scale brass M and M1.
Eric Lauterbach


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