Lettering For N&W MOW Equipment

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I'm a volunteer at the NC Transportation Museum. We have an ex-southern
Ballast Cleaning Car (BCC) and it's associated equipment on the museum
grounds. I have some pictures and will be glad to take a set of the
entire string and send them to you. Give me a couple of days if you
like a copy. I cannot say whether the Southern equipment was like what
the N&W had. Others will have to comment on that.

I do know that although the Southern BCC set worked its high maintenance
made it un-economical to use. At some point in the future our
Mechanical Volunteers may get a chance to cosmetically restore the


George Weber
Lexington Home Brands
Unix Systems Administrator
Phn: (336) 236-5011 Pgr: (336) 237-6714

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I have recently purchased a undecorated crane and boom car set, and I
would like to know if any of you know where I would find decals for
these items for the N&W steam era (early 1950's). Also, I have noted in
the Vern French Williamson book about a unique N&W MOW machine nicknamed
a "Mole" which was used to clean ballast. Would any of you know where a
picture or any possible information might exist on the Mole and if
modeling one can be attempted?

Lois J. Ponton

N&W Steam Era Modeler and 611 Historian

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