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Sat Oct 22 13:54:00 EDT 2005

Listers, To followup Charlie's post about compiling a list of equipment photos, specifically the VT collection, a couple of thoughts. First, at the recent BOD meeting the Board discussed how we might make certain kinds of information available on our web site to assist modelers. One example might be paint schemes and mixes. The point is we want to make the web site more of a resource for our modeling community.

Second, the issue is how to get from here to there. We can deal with the IT issues and the web site within the leadership. Where we need help is wth the hard work of compiling information. So if a list of photo resources is a useful piece of work for N&W/VGN modelers, as it no doubt is, then we need someone to step forward and take on the compilation task and others to pitch in and help.

Give it some though. If someone wants to take on such a project, give me or Russ Goodwin, our Modeling Chairman, a shout via e-mail.

Bill McClure

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