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Thanks to everyone for this discussion thread on the HC 6s. I didn't know of
the black ends so I have learned this. I have an N scale Atlas 2 bay covered
hopper marked 'HC 7' with black ends including the angle structure and
ladders. The sides and top, including hatches, are gray. Now I'm wondering
how accurate it is.
We are so fortunate to have the NS donation of photos, via the VT library,
online for our perusal!
Is there some way we can build a list(s) of the VT image base photos by
car/equipment type that would reference it to the image number? Or, maybe a
simpler list of known 'flat car' images or something of that nature will
work. If each one of us that looks at the photos could check to see if were
on the list, add it if it wasn't. I know there are thousands of photos but
if everyone contributes it could happen. The list doesn't have to be online.
Certain members of the list can volunteer to accumulate image base numbers
according to their car/equipment type interest. For instance, my interests
are the crane images. I'm IT illiterate so you can't depend on me to set-up
anything. But I am more than willing to contribute to the manual effort.
Just some thoughts.
Charlie Long

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>Lettering looks good for the as-built scheme, but I think the ladders

>and end bracing should be gray instead of black. Black ends and underbody

>I think are okay. Jim Nichols

The HC-6 was built during the relatively brief period when N&W painted
covered hoppers black with light gray sides and roof.

David Thompson

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