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Who is making the HO model?

Jon Kelley


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I placed an order for 2 the Sunset O N&W K2a's and one HO N&W K2a.

Sunset, PSC, and OMI were all going to do the M's and M2's but no one
ordered those either!

I will not order any of the Sunset Y6's because no one can match the Koh's

Stephen Rineair

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I did not order a Sunset N&W K2a in O Scale.
Mac Macdonald


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> Didn't any of you place an order for the Sunset O scale N&W K2a in 2 or 3

> rail?


> The word is that not enough orders have been placed to get this engine


> I have posted this to both lists just in case some of you haven't heard


> it yet.

> Jimmy Lisle



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