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Sun Aug 28 18:43:09 EDT 2005

I was the assistant yardmaster at Auville (via telephone and radio from
Wilcoe) in the late 70's. I believe I have some hand sketches of the yard
layout that I could scan and email to you. I have always thought Auville
would be a good candidate for a layout. The NW mainline was out beyond the
Tug River, across the wye. The Dry Fork branch line beside the yard would
be much easier to model, with trains of mty's, short loads and loads to
market coming and going from all directions. Give me an email address and
I will see what I can find.

David Ray
sixrays at

At 07:08 AM 8/27/2005 +0100, you wrote:

>A. P. Robinson, Jr.wrote: ....Auville Yard at Iaeger sounds like a good

>prototype situation for where your fictional situation of a classification


>where a mine branch joins a mainline....


>Has anyone a track plan they could email? as this is just what I'm looking

>for.. There is a great image on 'RailPictures' of a GP38-s, 5 hoppers and 2



>Many Thanks,


>Ernie Puddick

>Norfolk UK




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