Jeffries "N&W: Giant of Steam" coming to Commissary!

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Sun Aug 28 22:31:15 EDT 2005

Hello, listers!

Just want to let all of you know that "N&W: Giant of Steam" by Col.
Lewis Ingles Jeffries is coming out in a new and improved edition! It
will be available ONLY through the N&WHS. You can pre-order at a reduced
price through the Society's e-store. (Go to www.NWHS.ORG, then click on
the "Our Online Store" in the left column. Then look for "BIG NEWS" in
the New & Featured area.)

When you click the SUBMIT button to place your order, be advised that
the store seems to be running more slowly than usual tonight. Your order
WILL go through, please be patient. (Must be all those orders for the
new Jeffries book......)

- Marty Swartz
NWHS Web Gnome

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